Nikki’s First Post

It has been an exciting time re-building our website and adding pics, photographing our ranges, editing pics, writing about what we do, re-writing about what we do… Then the joy of all the parts behind the scene that make a website work and all the SEO (The Googley-find us stuff)
So, we’re Nikki and Tom, husband and wife, designer and maker and we work from a gorgeous, spacious studio overlooking Leicester High Street.
the high street
I can tell from this photo, that it was a warm sunny day when I took this pic as my window is open- this is my view of the High Street rooftops from my desk (and those white Papel Picado I bought whilst back packing in Mexico and were used to decorate our venue when Tom and I got married!). Before they pedestrianised the High Street I could rarely open the windows as we had a bus stop on the ground floor below my window and the fumes and noise were too much!
We’d love to hear from you, but meanwhile HELLO and nice to meet you and we appreciate you finding us 🙂

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