Monthly Archives: August 2015

Summer… in France. Stationery added.

I am lucky. Very lucky.
I have two studios. Yes I have space on the dining table at home to work. Tom and I have our lovely studio in Leicester. But I have a second studio….

10625096_10152935029726282_5927715114958753656_nHow Lucky am I!?
Every summer the kids and I escape to our rural idyll. They go to the village summer club (and TRY to learn French) and I design from my little attic space studio, under the eaves which is generally scorchio…
This summer has been super scorchio. Last summer it mostly rained (very rare). This year it’s been too hot, but gorgeous. I design. Email work off. Tom prints it and sends samples from our studio in Leicester. I get to sit each evening under the stars counting satellites, playing board games, generally chilling with my parents and kids. Shooting stars in Aug (with no city light pollution ) are AMAZING.
11262370_10153607764746282_6700918513841240420_n(these gorgeous sunflowers were decorating the table at the village Bastille night party)
This summer I have designed lots of reception stationery, I-Spy cards, table planners, winter snowflake invitations, overseas invites, place cards, & lots of fun artworks. I have been out to gorgeous restaurants, taken the kids to the foodie night markets which are soooo popular in the summer here. They eat barquettes of frites and Barbe Papa (chips and candyfloss, which they only get if they order it in French- that’s the rules!!) and I have a great time. Surrounded by fields of sunflowers (ready for harvesting now!)
11947616_10153701522611282_252042339411136883_n(this is the view when I leave the house for the ‘school run’ – sunflowers waiting to be picked)
The downside??
Nope.. there isn’t one. except maybe I have burnt the wifi allowance for the month.. twice….
Oh and I have to pack to fly home on Wednesday!